What mums think of Casdon

What mums think of Casdon

Casdon’s pretend play toys allow children to replicate mum and dad around the house.  Some of our top bloggers and their children have been playing with Casdon Little Helper range. Check out what Christine Taylor from Mummy of three had to say about the Henry Vacuum Cleaner.

“Our Henry vacuum is adorable, he's so cute. He may be small but he's an identical copy of his big brother. There's a 3 part hose with clear tubing and real life like switches on the base. There's pretend On/Off switches in red and green just like a real Vacuum but they don't actually work, they're just for show as the real on/off switch is on the back. Henry is on wheels so he can move around just a real Vacuum Cleaner and he even has the inside compartments too. When you unclip the sides, the top comes off allowing you to store all his parts inside along with a rather cute dustpan and brush which comes included.

Henry makes real noises as if he was really sucking up the dirt but sadly (for me) he doesn't actually clean my carpets. I guess that would be a step too far, wouldn't it? Ryan loves it; he's been pretending to clean my living room all week.

The kids have their own little rug in their play are so they're been giving that a good clean this week. Ryan's had to share with his big sister Lily (8) who'd been dying to get her hands on it. I can happily say, you're never too old to playing with Henry the Vacuum Cleaner.

Not only does Henry look great but he moves and sounds so real taking role play to a whole new level. My two have had so much fun playing with him this week, it's been a joy to watch.”

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