What our mums think of ChillFactor!

Rating: 9/10
What our mums think of ChillFactor!

ChillFactor has taken over this week! The brand has a range of fun, cool products which are perfect for creating tasty frozen treats!

At we know that the trusted opinion of another mum can go a long way, so we’ve asked some top mummy bloggers to give their honest verdict on the ChillFactor Tutti Fruity Slushy Maker.

Mummy be Beautiful

“We were really intrigued and couldn't wait to try, it was to good to be true, but we were so surprised at how simple and effective the Chill Factor was so easy and really cool that we could have a slush so quickly and simply with no mess or fuss. The squash started to form ice crystals, it was amazing to watch, and even better to taste” – Shahnaz Ala

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Over 40 and a Mum to One

“The dual straw/spoon is great but because of the spoon section it’s difficult to drink the slushy to the bottom of the cup.  But, my son has asked for a slushy every day since we received our Tutti Fruity ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker arrived, so I think it’s safe to say he approves.” – Mary Proctor, Over 40 and a Mum to One.

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Red Rose Mummy

“I've seen these cups but I was really sceptical about whether it actually was that easy to make it. Surely there had to be more to it than simply squeezing. Well, I was proven wrong. I filled our cup half full with orange juice, squeezed for a minute or so, and was amazed at how quickly the slush formed! I found it easier to let the drink sit in the cup for a few seconds before starting to squeeze as this seemed to take less time when I did it that way. Squeezing the cup is really easy, there is little resistance and you will see the liquid move up to the top of the cup as you squeeze. I'd suggest not filling the cup as this could lead to spillages when you start to squeeze.” – Pippa Ainsworth, Red Rose Mummy

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