Why we love the Clangers

Why we love the Clangers

Following on from the successful return of the Clangers to teatime children’s TV, we at have been lucky enough to look over the soft toys created by Character Options. Well the delivery from Home Planet is here and all we can say is they are absolutely gorgeous, truly representing the iconic characters from the show.

We just love the Whistle & Dance Mother Clanger at £19.99 SRP.  Press Mother Clanger’s hand to hear the music and see her dance! She'll soon have you laughing out loud and you'll want to dance along! Her authentic styling and knitted-effect fabric are just like the TV show character!

At just £5.99 SRP, no fan should be without a Supersoft Clangers collectable toy. With cute and authentic Clangers styling, these lovely fabric; Major, Tiny and Small characters are perfect for a cuddle.

Tiny and Small can also be found as Squeeze and Whistle Soft toys at £9.99 SRP which are not only very soft and highly detailed with the special knitted-effect fabric, but press their tummies and you’ll hear the much loved cute whistling sounds that the Clangers are renowned for.

An finally when it’s time for bed,  the Musical Starlight Tiny at £24.99 SRP is not just a soft toy, as it plays comforting music and doubles as a bedtime night light, with gentle starlight that will reflect on bedroom surfaces and gently fades away.

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