Xenos APP

Xenos APP

Xeno has a FREE app which you can download from the app store or from google play (just search for “Xeno”) that once downloaded, opens up a whole world of play options with Xeno.

The app ventures into Xeno’s world beyond his trap door, with five sections to play with Xeno within the app.

Xeno syncs with the app and will react with sounds and emotions as you play. If you take Xeno into the Operating room, the ‘real’ Xeno will cry and if you feed Xeno in the app, the ‘real’ Xeno will respond by eating!

Take a look below at the five sections of the app or click below to download and experience the fun for yourself.

App Store

Google Play

• Kitchen

• You can mix up different ingredients to create unusual food for Xeno in the kitchen area of the App. When you feed your Xeno in the app, your ‘real’ Xeno will respond by eating and making ‘OmMnomMMmm’ noises

• Bathroom

• Even Xeno gets a little dirty now and again so keep him clean in the bathroom. Wash and blow dry Xeno using the shower and hairdryer in the app. Your ‘real’ Xeno will respond by laughing as you wash him as he is ticklish.




• Operating room

• Take Xeno into the Operating Room when he isn’t feeling well. You can ‘operate’ on Xeno by zapping the bugs that appear on the X-Ray machine. You can also give him medicine to make him better if he is feeling poorly.


• Playing zone

• You can collect extra food by visiting the Boogeyman in the Playing Zone. Simply throw meatballs at him and the target to receive extra goodies.  Your ‘real’ Xeno will respond with ‘Woohoos’ every time you hit a target!



• Factory

• You can help Xeno create different potions and medicines in his factory that will either make Xeno happy or sad. There is a great big potions book that helps you create different concoctions!

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