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10 ways to encourage children to be more creative

10 ways to encourage children to be more creative

Encouraging kids to be creative is so important – but why?

Creative play allows your kids to build on their character by expressing themselves. It also helps them develop a range of other abilities in the process, like fine motor skills, cognitive skills and it helps build their social and emotional capabilities too. So all in all creative play is very important!

Here’s a few ways to encourage your kids to be creative:

1. Ask open ended questions that make them think more than they would with a simple yes or no answer.
2. Play music around the house, anything light and upbeat that they can sing along to will help with their creativity.
3. Give them lots of choices and let them make a decision, this will encourage them to be independent. We’re not suggesting you let them choose what time their bedtime is but little choices like helping you pick food at the supermarket will help with their confidence.
4. Allow time for imaginative play and encourage it!
5. Get creative around the house and turn household objects into something more imaginative
6. Allow them to make mistakes – it’s all part of the learning process!
7. Encourage them to be creative once every day even if it’s just by drawing a picture.
8. Read a story out loud to them every night
9. Be imaginative with them, whether you pretend to be a fairy or a dragon it can be fun to get involved with their creative play
10. Stretch their knowledge by taking something they have learned at school and research it together to find out more information

Being creative is such a vital part of childhood for kids. If your little one would like some creative kits then visit to take a look at the creative range from Character Options.

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