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Construction Play and Child Development

Construction Play and Child Development

Stickle Bricks is one of the most classic construction toy brands and toy makers GP Flair have brought back the heritage range for 2017! The bricks first launched in 1969 and nearly 50 years later they are being enjoyed all over again by little hands with big imaginations!

One of the main benefits of playing with construction toys such as Stickle Bricks is the effect they have on childhood development, so we’re going to delve a little deeper into construction play and find out what exactly makes it so beneficial.

Problem solving

Building blocks and bricks present themselves like a puzzle and the first thing a child thinks when they look at them is “how can I piece these together?” Right from the get-go construction play encourages little ones to solve problems and find solutions. The more they engage in construction play, the more skilled they’ll become!

Hand-eye coordination and motor skills

During all the sticking and constructing, children are learning to control their movements and to connect touch and sight. Picking up blocks is also a great way for little ones to improve their motor skills as they get to grips with different objects.

Imagination and creativity

Construction play is also a sure-fire way to inspire children to use their imagination and be creative. The bright colours of the bricks will have kids getting artistic while the various shapes will trigger their imagination as they think of fun new ways to build!

With all of this in mind, it's a no-brainer that construction toys are a brilliant choice for tots. All of the above is also known to set children up for learning important subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths – or STEM as it's often called!

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