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Construction play and the several ways it helps your child’s development

Construction play and the several ways it helps your child’s development

The Peppa Pig Construction range of toys has taken over and we’re taking the opportunity to tell you all about the importance of construction play, no matter how young they are!

The importance of construction play

The developmental benefits to construction play are endless! When a child builds and creates with blocks, they are also building fundamental skills such as spatial awareness, logic and reasoning.

Construction play is a solid foundation for a child’s education. The skills learned during construction play, build skillsets that relate well to subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths! Who knew building blocks could be so beneficial!

What we love about the Peppa Pig Construction Range

The Peppa Pig Construction Range is such a refreshing unisex offering in a category usually aimed more towards boys. Peppa Pig appeals to all children and doesn’t pigeonhole girls or boys, and this is reflected in the toy range which is accessible to all children, regardless of their gender. With the Peppa Pig Construction toys, boys and girls can benefit equally from construction play, developing dexterity, imagination and concentration. For those of you with sons and daughters, this also means you can get two uses out of the playsets! The chunky design of these bricks and cute styling of the figures are particularly appealing for pre-schoolers.

The familiarity of Peppa Pig has great appeal to the youngest of builders and gives them a starting point from which to begin creating. They can engage in the Peppa Pig imaginative play, as well as the fun of constructing their toy and adding the stickers on the playsets!

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