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DR. Jacqueline Hardy gives her take on the Teletubbies

DR. Jacqueline Hardy gives her take on the Teletubbies

Dr Jacqueline Hardy a leading expert on child development recently shared her thoughts on why the Teletubbies is not just a high quality TV show but also the perfect way to stimulate your children.

When talking about the show she commented: “Teletubbies has been carefully researched and has at its heart a passion for love, nurture, humour and the creation of a ‘conversation’ where the slower pace allows young children time to make their own responses to questions being asked.
“It’s also great to know that the three prime areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage: communication and language; physical development; personal, social and emotional development are well supported by the choice of themes in the show. Parents can feel confident that their children are developing while they view.”

Dr Jacqueline goes on to say: “The Teletubbies are humorous, social and loveable and have a unique ability to ‘grow’ with the developing child. As each child passes through the stages of development, they will take from the programme just what they need at particular times – how clever is that? So the developing child can gain something valuable from the Teletubbies throughout the earliest years of life.”

We knew we loved those Teletubbies for a reason, not only fun and but also developmentally beneficial!

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