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Encourage your child with creative play

Encourage your child with creative play

Creative play is so much more than just fun; it inspires children’s learning and development too! Through creative play, children are given the opportunity to explore their imagination which often results in the development of their problem solving skills, a skill that in real life is just as important as numeracy and literacy.

Without parental influence, children can explore and experiment with possibilities. As you watch them during play time you can often see their little minds working through all the possible solutions until they find the one that fits.

Creative play goes much further than just problem solving skills, we’ve all seen our little ones come to us full of pride and excitement to show us their latest creation, next time they do, try and create a story with them around it. This will help develop language skills, communication and even teaches them to express their emotions.

Beyond physical development, creative play can also help develop the emotional side of our children. If your child has a tendency to be shy or has difficulty making friends, encouraging them to take part in group creative play could be a great way to help them develop social skills, understand social rules and even teach them the art of sharing all whilst making new friends.
Who knew creative play could be so educational!

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