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The benefits of Arts & Crafts

The benefits of Arts & Crafts

At we believe it’s really important that children’s creativity is encouraged through arts and crafts. Whether they’re at school, nursery or home, there are a lot of rules and instructions which children have to abide by; and although it’s necessary to impose rules on our kids, sometimes it can stifle their creativity. Sometimes little ones just need the time to play without boundaries, enjoy new experiences and develop new skills!
There are so many benefits to arts & crafts so we’ve summarised them all here:

Self-expression and identity

Creative play is the perfect opportunity for children to explore their personality. For example, a child who loves drawing airplanes may discover they have a real passion and ambition to become a pilot! It’s really important that we encourage our kids to be themselves and arts and crafts are ideal for self-expression.


A child’s imagination is the most fascinating trait they have, so arts and crafts give them the chance to let their imagination run free. When you’re young and you have a pen and paper in hand, anything is possible! Imagination helps little ones make sense of the world and form their own opinions and ideas, so it is really important that parents give them space to use it!

Fine Motor Skills

On a practical level, arts and crafts also carry several benefits for children’s coordination. From drawing to using scissors, arts and crafts push children to get to grips in more ways than one. Coordination and fine motor skills are needed in all parts of a child’s life, so why not let them practice through arts and crafts?

Patience and concentration

As parent we are always reminded to keep our children active through vigorous play, but we sometimes forget that quiet time and independent play is equally as beneficial to our children’s health! Arts and crafts require a lot of patience, focus and concentration so if your children are hyperactive or distracted, try using creative play to help them control their attention and find a balance.

The Peppa Pig Arts and Crafts range offers children all of the above along with a whole lot of fun! What better way to encourage creative play in your children than with their favourite character, Peppa Pig?!

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