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The benefits of introducing scientific play at home

The benefits of introducing scientific play at home

We've been looking at all things science during the Wild! Science takeover, and the range of fun science kits has made us think about the benefits of scientific play at home. As well as giving children endless fun and entertainment, did you know that there are other strong advantages to scientific play? Read on to find out more.

Problem solving

Scientific play shows children how to methodically solve a problem. In the science realm problems are solved in clear methodical ways and this approach is really useful for children to learn; it teaches them that anything is possible if they put their mind to it!

Light bulb moments

Children's minds are opened up to a whole new world through scientific play. Classic questions such as why does the sea look blue suddenly have fascinating answers and this spurs children on to question and figure out more of life's big questions!

Cause and effect

Play experiments at home help teach children about cause and effect and how certain actions lead to certain consequences. This is an important lesson which they can apply to all areas of life!

Ambition and confidence

Completing an experiment gives children such an amazing sense of achievement and gives them confidence in their abilities. You'll also find that after one experiment has been mastered they will want to move on to even more challenging ones!

Independent thinking

Another great benefit of scientific play is that it teaches children that it's ok to disagree with other people's ideas if you have a valid argument yourself. This gives kids a healthy attitude towards debate and makes them more considerate of other people's views.

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