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The importance of imaginative play for pre-schoolers

The importance of imaginative play for pre-schoolers

Schleich goes hand in hand with the best of imaginative play; whether it’s a chicken or a tiger, Schleich toys have been a favourite for generations. They require no instructions or rules; a child can just pick up one of many figures and play.

Imaginative play encourages children to think creatively as they get lost in make-believe scenarios. Schleich toys are perfect for this type of play as children can act out a particular story themselves and become a part of a play drama, mixing different play worlds to create their very own adventures. 

Amanda Gummer is a renowned child psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with children and families, she highlights the importance of imaginative play by saying:

“Imaginative free play is one of the staples of any child’s balanced play diet. Schleich toys support children’s imaginative play with realistic animals and buildings to enable children to create a miniature world in which their imagination can thrive. Imaginative play in this way is flexible and can be something a child immerses him or herself in alone, played with siblings or with a number of friends. Whilst playing in this way, children develop their communication, creativity and understanding of the world so parents can encourage their children, safe in the knowledge that they are learning whilst they play.”

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