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The Importance of Role Play

The Importance of Role Play

Role play is such a great part of childhood; acting out different roles and pretending is so much fun when you’re little because your imagination can transport you anywhere!

With the new Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital toys, children can be transported to McStuffinsville where they can become Doc themselves in the Toy Hospital. The new toy range offers lots of lovely role play toys for little ones such as a Care Cart and the Dress up Role Play set!

During the Doc McStuffins takeover, we’ve been taking a closer look at these exciting new toys and it’s made us think about the many ways that a child can benefit from role play.

Social skills
Interacting with other children during role play helps little ones develop so many key skills. During a role play session, children are learning how to communicate, how to share and how to empathise… all whilst having fun!

When children mimic someone else, it gives them the opportunity to test out all the new words they come across in day-to-day life. Making up stories is also a great opportunity for them to put their vocabulary to the test! Next time your children are playing different roles, listen out and they might surprise you with a new word!

Children have the most magical imaginations and it’s important that we as parents encourage them to use it! Imagination helps children to understand the world around them and see life from unique perspectives, and role play is the perfect activity for them to let their imagination run wild.

Acting and role play are perfect activities for helping to boost children’s confidence. You’ll find that once a child is absorbed in a story, they’ll be completely distracted from self-consciousness of shyness.

Do you notice a change in your children after they’ve been playing different roles? Tweet us at @ukmumstv and let us know!

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