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The importance of teaching your children to work as a team!

The importance of teaching your children to work as a team!

The ability to work together with others as part of a team is a vital skill that is needed in all areas of life. However, learning how to work well in a team does not always come naturally, it’s something we need to learn as a child which we can then develop into adulthood.

We all know how challenging it can be trying to get a toddler to share or play with another child and, in those early years, children are very much about themselves! This is known as Parallel playing and we often see it when two children play in the same room, but not together. It is not that these two children do not like each other, it is just that they are trying to learn about their own world and not each other’s. However, as they grow older they will eventually learn the team building skills which will benefit so many aspects of their lives.

There are many ways we can teach children to work as a team whether it’s through sport or playing with siblings, even many TV shows teach children how to work as a team. Shimmer and Shine for example demonstrates this skill in a fun and engaging way. The premise of the show is that the genies cause mayhem but then must work as a team to solve a problem!

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