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Which dog is right for your family?

Which dog is right for your family?

The Weebles Paw Patrol are so cute that it won’t be long before your little ones are asking for a real pet dog for themselves! As the popular pups are all different dog breeds, we thought we would take a look at which breeds are best suited to different families.

German Shepherd
One of the favourites in Paw Patrol is Chase the German Shepherd. German Shepherds have a great reputation as playful, affectionate and child friendly! They are also very intelligent and easy to train, making them great material for a family pet. However because of their high energy levels, German Shepherds require a lot of exercise and this can be a problem if you don’t have the time to go on lengthy walks each day. Another point to consider is that German Shepherds aren’t always good with other dogs, so be careful if you have another dog already.

Affectionate and friendly to all, Cockapoos are lovely family dogs. Their eagerness to please makes them easy to train and they can adapt well to all types of living situations, such as an apartment or a house without much outdoor space. Despite this, Cockpoos shouldn’t be deprived of daily walks or left at home alone. A well-bred Cockapoo should live a long and healthy life but as they’re crossbreeds, we recommend making sure yours is from a trustworthy breeder.

Bulldogs are in the limelight at the moment so don’t be surprised if your little ones ask for one! These funny dogs are affectionate and calm making them fun companions for kids but they have relatively low energy. Pets with low energy can be ideal for the busier parents among us but if you’re an active family who likes to go on long walks then perhaps the bulldog isn’t right for you. Bulldogs’ poor health is also another factor to consider as issues such as hip dysplasia and cherry eye can lead to high vet bills.

Labradors are consistently voted as one of the nation’s favourite dog breeds. Known for being friendly, gentle, loyal and loving, Labs make a lovely addition to any family. However, a few things to consider are: Labradors can be expensive to feed and they shed a lot of hair so expect to be cleaning up after them regularly!

Do your children have a favourite dog breed? With the Weebles Paw Patrol range, they can play with wibbily wobbily versions of all of the breeds listed above! See the whole range HERE

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