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Children seek ‘genius’ revenge on their mum!

Children seek ‘genius’ revenge on their mum!

Do you have a child who is addicted to their phone or tablet? If the answer is yes this could be the perfect solution… or not!

Michelle Gigger, mum of four thought she’d hatched the perfect plan to keep her kids off their phones at night, she was wrong!

Michelle decided to take action against her tech addicted kids by taking their phones and tablets of them and keeping them in her room over night.

Until her kids ages eight - 13, planned the perfect revenge.

After all, it’s said that revenge is a dish best served cold.. Alternatively, it also works quite well if you dish it out in the dead of the night…
On Twitter Michelle tweeted “Last night those little a******s all set alarms to go off at various times throughout the night.”

“I’m impressed with their ingenuity and team effort. They’re all grounded.” She added.

Very well played to the kids, despite now being grounded waking mum up continuously is in fact hilarious! Plenty of people including parents saw the funny side.

"Imagine having a parent this uptight..." wrote one woman.

Michelle was quick to defend her actions, however, and responded: "If 'uptight' means making sure my 4 kids ages 8-13 aren't being idiots on their devices at 2am, I’ll be the uptightiest uptight mom I can be."

Have your kids got payback for a punishment or are they pranksters? Let us know! @UKMumstv

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