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Dog with human face shocks the nation!

Dog with human face shocks the nation!

Have you ever wondered if there’s dog out there that actually looks like a human or its owner? Well I think we’ve answered your question!

People are quite surprised by how much this dog looks like a human.

One year old Shih-poo Yogi has set fire to the internet in recent days after a photograph of him and his pal Daria, an eight-year-old Shih Tzu, was posted on Reddit. Lots of people from all over the country said that Yogi looks a lot like a human!

“A friend of a friend posted a pic on Facebook of her dog” read the caption on reddit. “It looks like it has a man’s face.”
One person commented “He has the most human eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog.”

A woman called Michelle added further comment: "But it’s not just his eyes. Look at that little grimace smile that can only come from a middle-aged man whose soul has been given to corporate."

Before long, the image popped up on Twitter, where people have been comparing Yogi to celebrities. Ed Sheeran, for example.
Have you seen the celebrity comparisons of Yogi? If not you’re missing out, they’re hilarious! Click here to see more

Do you know someone whose pet looks just like them? if so share with us on our social media we’d love to see! @UKMumstv

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