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Fun ways to be active outdoors with Laser X

Fun ways to be active outdoors with Laser X

Do your kids love to play inside on their video games? If you want to get them out of the house then Laser X could be the perfect way to get them playing outside and being active –adults can even join in too!

The Laser X 2 Player Pack (RRP £49.99) can be a fun alternative to video games for kids that love tech! Laser X is the ultimate high tech game of tag that creates a real laser arena at home! The game can even be played inside or out, day or night! Although we would recommend playing it outside if you want to encourage your kids to be active outdoors.

First you need to pick a side, you can choose red, blue or you can be rogue and go it alone. The aim of the game is to blast your opponent as many times as possible with your laser. As players are blasted their receiver vest will gradually change colour, hit your opponent ten times and they’re out. The lasers even have pinpoint accuracy and a range of over 60 metres which makes it perfect for running wild in the garden!

If you think your kids need any more persuading to be active and play this exciting game then try some of these tips:

1. Involve adults
The best part of the game is that it has the option of being played 1 on 1 or you can add unlimited players for the ultimate challenge! We recommend getting the whole family outside at the weekend and having two teams mixed between adults and kids and play against each other. The losing team should have to do a forfeit like clear away the table after dinner!

2. Special effects
Laser X even comes complete with voice coach guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music – perfect for kids that love tech so get the lights going and have a party in the garden!

3. Obstacles
Why not add obstacles to the garden like chairs to hide behind for cover or soft bouncy balls to throw at your opponents to make them miss their aim! This can make the game even more exciting and will be sure to have the kids playing out in the garden for hours!

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