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Hints and tips celebrating the art of all things crocheted

Hints and tips celebrating the art of all things crocheted

Long gone are the days when crocheting was for grannies – now every trendy neighbourhood has a stitch’n’b*** club, sewing circle or crochet class. That’s why we think you’ll love Meegos, the quality crocheted collectible pets which are inspired by the Japanese art of Amigurumi.

Don’t be scared by the long name! Anyone can learn to crochet and therefore learn the art of amigurumi - the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. We thought we’d look into this cool crafty trend and share our hints and tips with you.


Always clean your hands before you start so you don’t get mucky finger prints on your creation!

Take frequent breaks to stretch.

Read the whole pattern before you begin; save some of the yarn you use for repairs. (From

The first knot you learn is called a ‘slip knot’; amigurumi is based on another technique called a ‘round’. There are some great videos online with step by step tutorials to teach you these and other techniques.

Expert crafting website Craftsy has this awesome blog about amigurumi including some fab pictures and tips (

Blogger ‘Heart Hook Home’ has called Amigurumi “the hottest trend in crochet” and compiled some technical tips for beginners here (, including a particularly good point about using ‘safety eyes’ instead of buttons for eyes, as these cannot be pulled out by children.

And of course, you can always start your own amigurumi collection with Meegos Series 1 – an adorable selection of Dogs and Puppies which make excellent gifts for the little ones in your life if you don’t have the patience – or the time! – to learn to crochet!

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