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Learning to write? – check your little ones are using their WRITE SIZE!

Learning to write? – check your little ones are using their WRITE SIZE!

Here at we’ve come across a new stationery product for little ones that we are so excited about we wanted to spread the word and that’s Write Size

Write Size is home to the World’s first range of age appropriate pencils! specially designed to fit children’s hands.  This unique concept, which is commended by the National Handwriting Association is a revolutionary writing product which aims to make writing easier and quicker for children to learn.

Write Size pencils have been carefully crafted with the help of experts for kids aged two years to 10+ to make handwriting less daunting, easier to learn and more enjoyable amongst children. Their shorter and chunkier appearance compared to a standard pencil helps children have better grip and control when writing and the high quality graphite makes the pencils more resistant to breakages, therefore requiring less sharpening for a longer lifespan.

The product, which took years of research to produce the perfect size, diameter and inner core is fast becoming every parent’s favourite pencil thanks to excellent results from school sampling programmes and educational specialists. A recent primary school study showed that 97% of the children had improved handwriting as a result of using Write Size pencils! 

As parents we always strive to do our best for our children and now, thanks to Write Size we can help our kids learn how to write easily and more quickly by giving them the right tools for the job. The pencils come in packs of 5 and are available in ages 2-6 years, 6-10 years and 10+. Writing books are also available to promote fun letter formation and you can even buy erasable colouring pencils too so your little ones don’t need to worry about colouring outside the lines anymore as errors can simply be corrected with a standard eraser!  These really are the perfect addition to any pencil case.

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