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Let’s explore Nordic animals with Lumo Stars

Let’s explore Nordic animals with Lumo Stars

If your little one loves animals then they will love the Lumo Stars Northern Brights collection of cuddly collectables, which includes common animals living in the Nordic countries, in realistic and fantasy colours that are taken from nature.

We thought we’d take a look at the real wildlife that inspired the collection with our very own list of the top ten Nordic animals:

1. Great grey owl – this huge owl from Northern Finland is also known as Lapin pöllö, which explains the Lumo Stars cuddly version named Pollo –
2. Moose – similar to an Elk, Moose are common in Norway and have distinctive antlers
3. Brown Bears – the King of the Finnish Forest is the Brown Bear – they’re difficult to spot because they like to hide, just like ## the Lumo Star who’s camo-coloured coat makes him the best at hide and seek!
4. Lynx – common in the forests of Finland, these beautiful cats are also featured in the story that the Lumo Stars are based on. You can read it on the Lumo Stars website.
5. Wolves – this endangered species is rarely seen in the wild, so catch a Lumo Star wolf while you can!
6. Arctic Fox – this beautiful type of fox is also endangered but will be forever captured in the Lumo Stars story.
7. Ermine – Cute cuddly ferret-type animals that turn white for the winter. Snow-covered forests may look lifeless at first, until you notice the many ermine tracks left behind!
8. Wolverine – you might think the wolverine is a made-up superhero, but actually it’s a hardy arctic animal that looks like a small elongated bear, and closely related to Finland’s pine martens, otters and badgers.
9. Seals – in Finland you can find the world’s rarest seal, which has adapted to fresh water after they were cut off from the sea in Lake Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake.
10. Reindeer – perhaps the most famous of the Nordic animals due to their links to Christmas tales, reindeer really do live in Lapland

You can get to know all of the real species behind the Lumo Stars new collection, Northern Brights, via the app. Just scan the QR code on the tag that comes with every toy and enter a whole new magical world of fun and facts about these lovable creatures.

For more information go to or keep checking back to find out more about the range here on UK Mums TV!

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