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Little girl lands her dream birthday party – at Ikea!

Little girl lands her dream birthday party – at Ikea!

Birthdays are a big deal for any little boy or girl, so Jessica Proctor aged seven knew exactly what she wanted to do for her special day – but her idea was a little unusual.

Jessica, who lives in Sheffield, loves Ikea (don’t we all!?) and she was determined to have her birthday party there. Her mum Charlotte isn’t really sure where the fascination came from, but Jessica just loves a trip to the furniture store.

Charlotte said: “I think it’s the little rooms. She just loves going and playing in them.”

“Every time we go around it’s a bit of a battle to get her out. She was adamant she wanted her party at Ikea. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer.”

“So I told her if she really wanted it she was going to have to write to them.”

Jessica wrote an adorable letter to the company bosses asking if she could have her party there.

A few weeks later someone from the Ikea customer services team got in touch. Charlotte said: “She said it wasn’t something they normally do but they would really like to make something possible for her if that’s what she wanted.”

On Jessica’s big day, her parents and five friends went to the Sheffield store for a very special birthday. They had exclusive use of the children's play area before tucking into one of Ikea's famous meatball meals. Staff also provided flags, balloons and sweets. Cute!

Do you think Jessica has started a craze? Would you take your little one to have their birthday party at a shop? Share your thoughts with us @UKMumstv

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