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Meet the Glimmies™

Meet the Glimmies™

Do you know your Orsadora from your Abella? If not, don’t worry because here at we are providing you with all you need to know about the Glimmies™ characters!

There’s so many Glimmies™ to choose from, that we’ve picked out our top six for you to look over but don’t worry there is an entire guide that you can view and download which introduces you to all the characters!


Volaria is the fuchsia coloured dragonfly Glimmie. She is naturally frivolous and mischievous and she likes to spend her days playing tricks and pranks on all the other Glimmies™.


Bunnybeth is sky blue in colour and her special symbol is a carrot! She is playful and lively and she adores magic and will be the magician during magic shows and party evenings. 


Flora is the butterfly Glimmie and is a beautiful Aqua colour. She is super delicate but loves to dance!


Irilius is the Unicorn Glimmie! He’s the village’s wiseman and thanks to his Glimhorn, which lights up in a spiral of changing colours when trouble is in the air, he can easily get in contact with the animals in the wood and sense when they are in need of help. He can be recognised by his white and violet colour and his symbol is a heart.


Orsadora loves to bake Glimscuits and Glimcakes for the other Glimmies™. Her house has become the Glimbakery and smells delicious! Her symbol is a blueberry.


Spiria is sweet and peaceful and her patience is endless. They’re the GlimVillage’s doctors who treat everyone with miraculous concoctions. They love to just spend their day in the lab!

Take a look at our full Glimmies™ guide here so you can get to know all the magical light up Glimmies™

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