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Northern Brights, take us to see the lights!

Northern Brights, take us to see the lights!

All this talk of the colourful spectacle that inspired the latest Lumos Stars collection, The Northern Brights, got us thinking – where’s the best place to see this amazing phenomenon, known as the Aurora borealis?

We found these top tips from the worldwide web (REF: and

• Sweden’s northernmost town of Kiruna is a gateway for attractions such as the ICEHOTEL, mountainous Abisko National Park, the local Sami culture, and plentiful reindeer. A short drive from the town takes you to a good spot for aurora viewing.

• It’s not just from Scandinavia that you can see the lights – the best place in the U.S is a place called Fairbanks during late August to mid-April – they even offer tours to take you to the best viewing spots.

• Iceland is such a good place for viewing the Northern Lights that they’ve come up with some amazing ways to view - sky watchers can take in the dancing lights from outdoor hot tubs, inside Bubble lodges, and from hot spring lagoons!

• Of course in honour of our takeover week we’re most interested in the land of the Lumo Stars – Finland, Norway and Sweden! In northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between August and April. In southern Finland they are visible on about 10-20 nights a year. Auroral activity peaks often occur at the beginning and the end of the season.

Kids can learn all about the beauty of the Northern Lights and Nordic nature in the Lumo Stars story, found on the website This magical tale features the characters from the new Northern Brights collection and brings their magical homeland of forest and auroras to life.

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