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Schleich Dinosaur product round-up

Schleich Dinosaur product round-up

Does your child know all of the names to each species of Dinosaur? Do they know the difference between a Velociraptor to a Tyrannosaurus? And did you know, Schleich even has a Giant Volcano with T-Rex available!?

Every dino-lover will love the Schleich product line.

Kids can start their collection with Schleich’s classic figures like the Dimetrodon, the Pentaceraptos and one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, the Allosaurus – all of which will spark your little one’s imagination.

The adventure can continue with Schleich’s new additions so your little one can continue their collection. These include the mighty Therizinosaurus, the Carnotaurus, and the impressive Tyrannosaurus Rex, which all Jurrassic lovers will want as part of their collection and many more incredible creatures from this extinct world.

Finally, the Giant Volcano with T-Rex is the ultimate scene setter for your little one’s collection. The giant volcano also includes lots of other exciting animals like reptiles and amphibians as well as a dinosaur trap, a water hole with removable water surface and points to insert plants.

Is your child ready to explore this fascinating and extinct world through hours and hours of play? You can get Schleich toys on their website

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