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Take this quiz to find out which Pokémon you are!

Take this quiz to find out which Pokémon you are!

For more than 20  years, kids all over the world have been discovering the world of Pokémon. Today, the Pokémon family of products includes video games, the trading card game, Pokémon animated TV series, movies, toys and much, much more! But have you ever wondered what Pokémon you would be?

Take our short quiz below to find out:

1. Oh no! We're being attacked! What dangerous element of nature do you want to throw at your enemy?

A) A Bolt of Lightening
B) Fire
C) Your ability to fight

2. You love animals but which of the below is your favourite animal?

A) Mouse
B) Lizard
C) Horse

3. Out of these three words, which word best describes you?

A) Excitable
B) Fiery
C) Leader

Thank you for taking the quiz!

If you got mostly A’s then you are Pikachu. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity, like Pikachu you love discovering new things and get very excited.

If you got mostly B’s then you are Charmanger. The flame that burns at the tip of his tail is an indication of his emotions, like Charmanger you’re fiery. If you are upset you let everyone know just like Charmanger!

If you got mostly C’s then you are Arceus.  Arceus is known as "The Original One", it’s said that it created the entire Pokémon universe! Like Arceus you are the leader in your friendship group and likes making all of the decisions.

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