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Want a cinema in your home?

Want a cinema in your home?

As busy mums and dads, we know how hard it can be to get out the house and enjoy a simply pastime such as a movie night. Well now you can bring the movies to your living room with the Epsom TW650 Projector.

We were lucky enough to be sent one to review and here is how one of our mums got on:

“I’ve never been lucky enough to own a projector so when this opportunity arise, I thought what better way to test it out, than with our own movie night at home!

The projector is small and relatively light weight and nothing like the big things I had imagined. For starters, the set up was easy whether it is to be placed on a table or ceiling mounted (or angled perfectly using copies of Harry Potter DVD’s and cook books…). We set up ours in the living room against our white wall and got to work at unpacking and setting it up.

My husband took the lead (naturally) and set us up through our family iPad he had hooked us up to Netflix in no time. We loved how clear the picture was and how BIG! Very little adjustments were required for the screen, the factory settings were pretty spot on and by moving your own set up (Harry Potter DVDs) you can get the perfect placement.

There are loads of settings within the projector that will help with picture size and quality plus brightness and contrast that you can work with if need be. They are easily accessible from the controls and very easy to use – so much so that I had a go!

Now having never used a projector before I do have some points that should be considered;

1. Fan noise – is quite a lot louder than you anticipate! We were a little disappointed not to have more quiet when watching a film but to be honest, the more the film went on, the less you noticed it

2. Sound/Volume – so this was the one that got us more than anything. The sound of what you are watching will only come out of a very small speaker – so for example, the sound only came from our iPad and without having your own system to add to is – speakers etc, I personally didn’t think it was loud enough for a home cinema experience.

BUT the built in speaker isn't terrible but does have limited range and power, which I think is to be expected – especially if you want to invest in a viewing experience not the sound. To be fair, the projector never boasts about sound quality but it does about the HD. To this end an audio out socket would have been helpful but you unfortunately won't find one on this machine… which is annoying! I have read that you can attach an Amazon Fire TV stick which connects faultlessly to a Bluetooth speaker (and streams all the TV and film that you need need)…but we have yet to try this out!

I also think more help needs to be advised given on how to connect sound systems to help with the audio issues

However, even though they were our downsides, the picture was amazing; bright, colourful and full of high quality definition that I thought you could only gain from TV’s. There is also an app available that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi which we tried and after a couple of attempts got up and running.

In all, the projector is excellent value for money that only has one slight downfall in my eyes…the audio. However we will be rectifying the situation as the kids LOVE it and we’ve not had cosy couple date nights at home for a while! Does anyone else miss cosying up to the other half on the back row of the cinema? Well don’t anymore…take a seat at home with the Epsom TW650 projector and get to know one another again in front of a movie or two

Star Rating: 4 Stars”

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