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Watch a Cutie Stix tutorial with Ambi C!

Watch a Cutie Stix tutorial with Ambi C!

Here at we’ve teamed up with YouTuber Ambi C and asked her what she thought to the craft kit; Cutie Stix.

Cutie Stix includes everything you need to create necklaces, figures and nail art from from cute rubber cuts. The Cut and Create Station can be used to cut, core and create 24 unique patterned Stix for endless combinations.

To use the Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station simply insert a Cutie Stix into the cutting unit and press down on the cutting plunger. The next step is to core the Stix by placing it in the coring container and press down on the coring unit handle. Kids can make creative accessories from nail art to bracelets using Cutie Stix in a variety of themes from emojis to animals! It’s as simple as that!

If you would like to see a YouTube star try it out then watch Ambi C in this video as she shows you how to use Cutie Stix to create personalise school stationery including a notebook, pencil case, pens and pencils! We think its fab but take a look for youself!

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