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What’s inside the Teletubbies Tubby Playdates packs?

What’s inside the Teletubbies Tubby Playdates packs?

The Tubby Playdate pack is a guide to help parents and carers organise a fun playdate for little ones. Full of useful tips from parenting experts, crafts, painting, decorations, fun activities and tasty recipes.

Play is a central part of Teletubbies and the Teletubbies Playdate campaign is a fun way to highlight the numerous ways that play can help a child’s development. 

We are pleased to share exactly what you will find in the Tubby Playdates pack so you know what to expect:

Receive a full introduction to the Playdates pack, plus receive fun and creative invitations which us Mum’s can easily print and send out to organise your next Playdate.

Then the fun begins! Receive the lists for Teletubbies inspired recipes, along with lots of decorations and crafts to have a go at with your child. These include cut-out Tubby antennas, so your child can be a Teletubby, cut-out Tubby bunting for decoration, Home Hill flowers and finger painting!

On top of that, activities inside the pack include Tiddlytubbies Bubble Playtime, Music and Movement activities like Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Dipsy’s Obstacle Course Fun!

To ensure you have everything ready for your fun Playdate, the pack includes a check list for us Mum’s with a recap of everything mentioned above to ensure you are all set for your Playdate.

So much fun is to be had! You can download the whole pack here on their website and you can also download the Teletubbies mobile friendly WhatsApp invite from the website:

Stay tuned to UKMums.TV social media using #TubbyPlaydates to find out how you can win some great Teletubbies prizes!

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