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All things honey!

All things honey!

The mums at love all things honey, so we thought we’d take a look at what’s on the market! If you’re a cheese, honey or nut lover we have everything you need to satisfy your cravings.

1. Nature’s Path Honey and Chai Superflakes

These superflakes are super crunchy and super delicious! They’re gluten free and are packed with chia seeds, wheat and a touch of honey. They made a great alternative to granola and they keep you full for a while!

2. Dr Honey premium acacia honey from The Fine Cheese Co.

Varying in colour from yellow amber to dark brown, award-winning Dr Honey premium acacia honey has a strong and distinctive flavour. However, there is far less bitterness than its Italian equivalent. Serve this as a dessert or for flavouring. The Fine Cheese Co. recommends to drizzle over aged cheese.

3. Sleep Well Milk

Being able to switch off and enjoy the benefits of sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing.  But with almost half of Britons saying stress or worry keeps them awake, too many people are left counting sheep in an effort to nod off.  Sleep Well founders Sam and Allan Watts have come up with a natural solution – a gorgeous tasting milk drink that can help you relax and get your eight-a-night. It’s made from simple, nutritious and natural ingredients associated with a good night’s sleep, pure wholesome Jersey milk, valerian and honey.

4. Rowse Manuka 10+ Honey

Rowse Manuka Honey is guaranteed 100% pure, natural and authentic Manuka Honey from New Zealand. All the Manuka Honey is tested twice for its authenticity in New Zealand and again in the UK. Rowse Manuka 10+ Honey has a dark amber colour and a unique, thick consistency, with a herbal flavour and bitter-sweet liquorice aroma and back notes.

5. Walkers Sensations Californian Honey & Salt Sharing Nuts

If you’re wanting something sweet yet savoury these nuts are delicious! Oven roasted peanuts seasoned with real ingredients. First.. the rich, sweet, salty aroma then… that satisfying salty kick finishing it off with the delicate sweetness of honey. Mmmmm!

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