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Arts and crafts activities for the kids this summer

Arts and crafts activities for the kids this summer

With the summer coming up, you’ll need to keep the kids occupied during the holiday period and what better way for them to spend their time than by getting creative. From a Silly Slimy Fun Kit to a Cool Cardz Design Studio, we’ve rounded up our five favourite arts and crafts products to keep their little hands from getting idle!

1. Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker, £19.99
Keep your little one cool this summer and encourage them to make their very own ice lollies, crushed ice drinks and fruity frozen shapes over the summer holiday. With the help of the friendly snowman, Mr Frosty, your little one will be feeling like a real ice cream maker as they freeze, sip and tuck into their refreshing iced treats. Honing in on their fine motor skills, this classic Mr Frosty The Crunchy Ice Maker is sure to spark your little one’s imagination!

2. Cra-Z-Slimy – Silly Slimy Fun Kit, £19.99
Make your very own stretchy slime this summer with the Cra-Z-Slimy Fun Kit from Character Options. You can add glitter, sequins and googly eyes to your latest ooey and gooey creation, whether you choose to mix and match or keep it simple it’s entirely up to you!

3. Shopkins Cool Cardz Design Studio,  £19.99 
Whether there’s a birthday coming up and you need some invitations making or your child just simply wants to give their friend a cute card telling them how awesome they are, they can now make their own high quality laminated cards with the Shopkins Cool Cardz design studio. The design studio is in the shape of a handbag which makes it portable and perfect for creativity on the go. The Shopkins Cool Cardz design studio is ideal for making gift tags and bookmarks as well.

4. Crayola Doodle Dog, £9.99
Pull this pooch apart to discover the stencils, stampers, rubbing plates and gears that are hidden away to help your little one create some amazing spiral drawings! Once your tot is happy with their creation, you can use the doodle dog’s mouth to display it.

5. Elasti Plasti™, £12.99
Elasti Plasti™ is the brand spanking new stretchy soft plastic. To say that it’s SUPER stretchy is no exaggeration as it expandifies 100 times its size; in addition, you can blow bubbles using it and even create a giant thin plastic parachute!

The only thing that your little one will be creating this summer is a whole lot of fun with Elasti Plasti™ as it super stretches further than anything ever created and lets you blow giant bubbles with a regular straw! When thrown or dropped on the ground it makes a wobbly sound too that is sure to make your little one laugh.

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