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Be a super sales shopper!

Be a super sales shopper!

For the next month we will be inundated with sales sales sales, but how can you avoid making a clothes purchase that you’ll never wear, or miss out on that absolute bargain. See below our handy check list to becoming a super sales shopper!

If you can tick all the boxes then take it to the checkout!

1. Do you actually need it? (If you can’t tick this box – Don’t do it!) 
2. Can you afford it or do you have vouchers you received at Christmas?  By using them on sale items you will get twice as much for your money!
3. Would you have bought it had it been full price – if you wouldn’t then it may be the sale ticket you like more than the actual item
4. Have you checked the Internet and ecommerce sites to see if you can get it cheaper?  Yes you can do this while in the store!

And now some tips on making sales shopping all the more enjoyable

1. Plan your route and head to the most popular stores first.
2. Go equipped – wear comfy shoes and carry a bottle of water in your bag. If you’re heading for a shopping centre, leave your coat in the car.
3. Head to big department stores where you can get everything you need in one spree.

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