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Check out the Beat Bugs toy collection, exclusive for you at Tesco!

Check out the Beat Bugs toy collection, exclusive for you at Tesco!

This week we are celebrating Beat Bugs, and news hot off the press is that Tesco has a brand new toy collection available straight from the TV show. These toys are special! So let us tell you all about them.

For something totally new on the toy shelf then you really do need to take a look at The Beat Bugs™ Singing Toys to Life characters. (£29.95) These 6-inch figures magically sing and talk along with Beat Bugs Season 1 and the free Beat Bugs Alive App! Place them next to your TV or tablet and kids will be filled with wonder and joy as each figure lights up and moves its mouth when its character sings or talks on screen. Press the button and hear them sing their own songs. Choose from Crick, Kumi, Walter, Jay and Buzz. Collect them all – together they sing ‘All You Need is Love’ one of the favourites from the show.

For pocket money items then why not check out Beat Bugs™ Singing Glowies (£14.99) these are adorable soft toys! Squeeze them and each Glowie sings its own song from the Beat Bugs show. Soft, cuddly, and furry; Singing Glowies can be a brilliant musical companion for your child. 4 to collect – Choose from Blue, Orange, Pink.

Beat Bugs Fab Figures (£5.99) Kids can collection all their favourite Beat Bugs Characters with these Fab Figures! Colorful 3-inch scale figures that are beautifully designed with great detail. Each is articulated for posing, storytelling and other creative play. Collect them all so kids can get by with a little help from their friend!

And for the ultimate Beat Bugs experience we just can’t resist jumping on board for hours of musical fun with the Beat Bugs Yellow Submarine Play Set (£34.95). As you push the Yellow Submarine around on fab adventures, it will light up and play the songs Yellow Submarine, All You Need Is Love, and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This musical Beat Bugs play set includes the exclusive Jasper 3-inch Fab Figure and can fit up to 5 Beat Bugs Fab Figures (sold separately).

To see the entire collection check out this Tesco direct weblink, But hey while you're here why not enter our fabulous £100 Tesco voucher competition too, you can go straight to the competition page here.

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