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Cut the cost and design your own wedding invitations!

Cut the cost and design your own wedding invitations!

Planning for a summer or autumn wedding? Why not cut the cost and create your own invitations? You can even put your own style into it if you’re a designing wiz!

1. Choose your design

Your invitations are the first impression your guests will have about your wedding, so take time to get it right. Look at sites selling invites online as well as in magazines and they will provide you with some inspiration. Then order a few samples of the invites you like as you may totally change your mind when you see them, or suddenly be inspired by the best bits of different samples.

2. Set a budget

You must set a budget from the start as you really don’t want to design your perfect invite only to find you can’t afford it. Think about how many guests you’re inviting (remember you only need one invite per couple or family).

3. Start with the basic invitation

There are lots of different styles and types of cards, depending on your budget and how much information you need to include. Flat unfolded cards and traditional blank cards are great if you’re on a budget or you don’t have huge amounts of information to include. Add colour using printing, embellishments, ribbon or use coloured card and make a great statement.

4. It’s time for decorating!

This is where you can get really creative. Keep things really simple and elegant with ribbon down the spine of the card. Alternatively if you’re a genius at design why not create your own invite to print onto your desired card and then accessorise with gems and ribbon.

5. Print your inserts

Choose your insert from a huge range of colours and textures. Try to keep the theme consistent throughout your invite as it can look a little odd if you don’t keep the colour theme running through. Bear in mind to make sure your font is readable but really suits your day.

6. Add the envelopes

Make sure you choose the right envelope for your invitation so that there’s no room left. Smaller envelopes mean cheaper postage. The envelope is the first thing people will see when receiving your invitation, so consider making it a little bit special with a pearlescent or textured one to match the invite.

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