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Read what our mums (and their kids) thought of the new children’s menu from Bill’s!

Read what our mums (and their kids) thought of the new children’s menu from Bill’s!


We gave six top parental bloggers and their kids the chance to review the even tastier children’s menu, just in time for the October half term! It came as no surprise to us that they all enjoyed the delicious range of food that Bill’s Restaurants have on offer!

Here’s a selection of pictures, quotes and reviews so you can see for yourself how tasty the menu is!




Modern Mummy

“Then it was time for round two! I was completely full up, so I just had another coffee but the girls went for pancakes, which is the reason why they love Bill's so much. I'm told they are the SECOND BEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD (and second only to mine...... I've trained these kids well). They come served with syrup and fruit and I think both girls would eat a third portion between them if I let them.”

Mother Distracted 

“Ieuan aged 8 had Cod Fish Fingers with Fries and a salad instead of peas. I have no idea what my kids have against peas but they won’t be swayed. We really enjoyed our meal at Bill’s, the kids menu is good value for money and the portion size was perfectly adequate. Big thanks to the staff who were lovely and attentive, despite the restaurant being full to the rafters on a Saturday night.”

Pink Oddy 

“I am not sure how many times The Sensory Seeker said ‘delicious’ when giving me a quote for the review. He thought that they (the options) all looked delicious on the menu and that it tasted really delicious and nice.

The Tweenager said that even though it was a small (children’s) menu it was good that there were the options like the big (adult) one. He also agreed that it all tasted delicious.”

These are only a small selection of reviews we love, to see more of what our other top bloggers thought head over to the links below: 



Boo Roo and Tiger Too

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