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Five Playdate disasters

Five Playdate disasters

As mums, we’ve all been there… when a playdate goes wrong, it can go really wrong, making you want to pull your hair out with embarrassment and wanting to never attempt to do another playdate again. That’s why we are pleased that the Teletubbies want share their 5 Playdate disasters, to prove that it happens to all of us mum’s now and again!

“In one playdate, my child slipped, fell down on the wooden floor and his front two teeth were gone. Suddenly we had to cancel the playdate and take him to hospital.”

“I didn’t realise there were two soft play centres in the same town and arranged to meet a work friend and their child. We both ended up at different centres!”

“I found one of my child had an upset stomach and consequently threw up everywhere in her house.”

“My friend's child pooed in the public swimming baths on a play date with her children, the pool was closed all the next day as needed to be emptied and cleaned!”

“My son kicked a stone in the garden and broke our bedroom window!”

So now you know what can happen when things go wrong, expert Dr Amanda Gummer has shared her top tips on how you can avoid a disastrous Playdate and turn it into a successful one. Read the article here:

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