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Food shopping on a budget!

Food shopping on a budget!

We’re always trying to save money when shopping and sometimes it’s the obvious and easiest things that can make the most difference. As a nation we spend a huge amount of money on food each week so every little change you make will help.

1. Try own branded foods and opt for basic ranges.

This can really help when doing your weekly shop in more than one supermarket and can make a big difference when you’re counting the pennies!

2. Write a shopping list

Planning your meals in advance can help a lot as you’re not persuaded to go and buy a meal after work for tonight’s dinner. Buying in bulk will, in the long run, be a benefit.

3. Don’t throw anything away (unless it’s seriously past it’s sell by date)

Throwing foods away that we don’t like or eat is sometimes the main problem. When you buy your food at the supermarket make sure it’s the specific food/ingredient you need and want so there’s no room for waste.

4. Eating your leftovers

Every night, make sure you’ve done enough dinner for your lunch the next day.  It works out cheaper as you don’t have to pay for your lunch for the next day. Everything tastes better the day after anyway so it’s a good tip!

5. Buy frozen fruit and veg

Buying frozen fruit and veg will stop them from going off and mouldy. They also make really good smoothies so, if you fancy making a smoothie for breakfast, frozen fruit and veg is the way forward!

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