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Have you seen the Luna Petunia Toys?

Have you seen the Luna Petunia Toys?

Funrise Toys has created a Luna Petunia toy range that is just as magical as the Netflix Original show so now fans can recreate moments from their favourite episodes at home. Here’s a rundown of what’s in the range!

Petunia Manor Treehouse Playset £39.99 - Use your imagination to transform into the world of Amazia with the Petunia Manor Treehouse Playset! This deluxe playset features three levels and double-sided play! Activate lights and sounds from the show at the top of the manor by placing Luna on the platform. There are so many amazing features and the set even includes a 9cm Luna figure and an exclusive Kitty Bat figure too!

Luna Petunia Doll with Sounds £24.99 - This 35cm Luna doll can be moved for play and wears Luna’s signature, brightly-coloured outfit and even has hair that can be styled! Press her necklace to activate sounds from Amazia and some special phrases from the show!

Sparkle Gem Necklace £9.99 - In Amazia, Luna uses her special necklace to call Zoomshine and to open the door to Petunia Manor. Push the gem buttons on this Sparkle Gem Necklace and watch as it lights up and makes magical sounds just like in the show!

Mini Playsets £12.99 - With 3 playsets to collect, Luna fans can re-enact their favourite moments from the Netflix Original show. Each set comes with a unique exclusive Luna figure along with accessories from a recognisable Luna scene.

Luna 35cm Plush £19.99 - This fabulous Luna Petunia soft toy is the perfect friend to take on magical adventures! Featuring her signature blue hair, this huggable Luna is perfect for reminding you to Stop, Breathe, and Believe!

Luna and Friends Beanie Plush Assortment £7.99 - Collect all the Luna Petunia characters in beanie form! Choose from Luna Petunia, Bibi Bubbles, Sammy Stretch, and Karoo!

Luna and Friends figure 2-packs £4.99 - This 2-pack figure assortment features all the main characters from the show, including Luna, Sammy Stretch, Bibi Bubbles, Karoo, the Fuzzlings, and the exclusive Ballerina Luna! Collect all your favourite characters!

Luna and Friends 5 figure pack £9.99 - Everyone from Luna Petunia is here and ready for magical adventures together in Amazia! This 5-pack set of Luna Petunia characters includes adorably sculpted figures of Luna, Bibi Bubbles, Karoo, Sammy Stretch, and the exclusive Fellino, the Acrocat!

Want to find out more about the Luna Toy range? Head over to Smyths Toys online or visit your nearing Smyths Toys store today!

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