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Lunch box drinks for summer

Lunch box drinks for summer

Eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks can contribute to obesity and tooth decay. The government advises that adults should be drinking six to eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and we should be encouraging our children to do the same. Whilst a glass of lemonade may be rather tempting to a child it doesn’t provide them with the right nutrients to grow up big and strong.

Here are some great alternatives:

1. Bottled water – Who doesn’t love an ice cool bottle of water on a hot summery day? Not only does it keep you feeling fresh and hydrated but it helps to prevent headaches and it helps our body to flush out all of those nasty toxins. With no added sugars or sweeteners it’s our number one recommendation!


2. Honest Kids – These juice drinks are available in bottles and they come in a variety of flavours including ‘Berry Berry Good’, ‘Twisted Tropical Punch’ and ‘Apperly Ever After.’  They contain a blend of organic fruit juices, water and a hint of natural flavouring making for a delicious summer drink.


3. Smoothies – While smoothies do contain natural sugars, they aren’t anywhere near as bad as the sugars found in a bottle of pop. Why not be experimental and make your very own smoothies? Homemade smoothies prevent your fruit from going to waste and they can be adapted to suit your child’s likes and dislikes. The NHS recommends that you blend soft fruits such as strawberries, bananas or mangos with milk or yoghurt. For more information on this please click here

4. Squash – If your child isn’t a fan of bottled water then why not squash? Squash is added to water and it comes in a variety of flavours including the refreshing combinations of lemon and lime, cherries and berries and orange and mango.


Here’s one for you parents too, if you’re driving and are off out on a picnic or even a night out with some friends then why not try Eisberg Sparkling Blanc? A crisp alcohol free wine containing 31 calories per 125ml serving. This light beverage is available from Ocado and Asda.

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