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Marshmallow ‘S’mores’ Brownies

Marshmallow ‘S’mores’ Brownies

The gooey American classic just got even better! This deviation from traditional S’mores from Ellie’s Kitchen UK will leave you wanting more! Cut into rugged squares or portioned out into individual bite sized treats, whatever way you serve them you’ll always go back for more!

*WARNING* these aren’t for the faint hearted. And just as regular S’mores have a tendency to get pretty messy, this version also follows suit!

Ingredients –

• 400g Digestive biscuits (or chocolate Digestives if you’re feeling extra naughty!)
• 200g melted butter
• 1 ½ batches of Ellie’s Kitchen Gluten Free Fudgy Brownies ( )
• 3 x packs of white and pink marshmallows

Method –

1. Preheat the oven to 180°c
2. Crush the biscuits up in a bowl and add the melted butter to create the biscuit base. You may not need all the butter so add it a little at a time until you have reached a consistency not unlike that of cheesecake.
3. Pour the biscuit mix into a square brownie tin and compress down into one even layer that fills the whole base. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes then remove to cool.
4. Meanwhile, make the brownie mix as per the recipe here ( Use 1 and a half times the mix in the recipe to ensure that your brownie layer is the main part of the bars.
5. Once the mix is ready, pour it on top of the biscuit base and bake in the oven for 30 minutes ( it may require a few more minutes – see below tip )
Ellie’s Tip: You want your brownies to be gooey still so don’t be alarmed is they seem a little soft when you take them from the oven. The mix will firm up as it cools, just so long as it isn’t runny you’ll be grand! Use a knife to test the centre after 30 minutes of baking.
6. Turn the oven off.
7. Arrange the Marshmallows onto the brownies in whatever order you like. Make sure they are touching
8. Put the brownies back into the switched off oven to let the residual heat melt the marshmallows a bit (for around 5 minutes), this way your marshmallow layer will be part of the bars and not just sat on top.
9. Remove the tin from the oven and use a blowtorch to add some colour to the top for an authentic campfire S’mores look!
Ellie’s Tip: Let the bars cool for as long as you can before cutting them, otherwise they will be too gooey and messy, Ellie leaves hers overnight for the best results… if you are the kids can resist!

You can find more baking recipes over on Ellie’s Kitchen UK along with competitions and more!

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