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Meet Luna and Her Friends

Meet Luna and Her Friends

Sparked from the collaboration between Saban Brands and Cirque du Soleil Jr., Luna Petunia is a Netflix Original Show about a girl named Luna who explores the fantastical and whimsical world of Amazia with her magical friends. Watch Luna and friends go on adventures, learning mindfulness, and discovering that anything is possible when you Stop, Breathe, and Believe! Read all about the main character below!

Luna Petunia - With her adventurous spirit, Luna will try anything at least once. She is a curious, optimistic girl who always encourages her friend to see their own potential.

Sammy - Sammy is a musician, magician, and an electrician who speaks his own fun and silly language! He loves playing with his friends and being the centre of attention as much as possible.

Bibi Bubbles - Bibi is the friendly tour guide of Amazia who keeps a detailed account of all the happenings in her scrapbook. She knows a million and one facts about Amazia, but often forgets some important details!

Karoo - Karoo is playful and curious with tons of bouncy energy! He can sometimes be a bit impulsive, but is always a sweet friend with lots of ‘huggles’ to share!

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