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Money saving tips this Christmas

Money saving tips this Christmas

Is your purse feeling stretched this Christmas? If so we have the perfect tried and tested gift solutions for you!

1) Create your own hampers for your family.

You can make any celebration complete by compiling a beautiful gift hamper. A wicker basket is the perfect way to showcase your handmade gifts, including homemade chutneys, jams, and biscuits. To make your perfect gift hamper, all it takes is some tissue paper, coloured cellophane, and decorative gift tags and to finish off, decorate with some ribbon.

2) Make a Mason Jar cocktail kit!

Fancy putting a smile on someone’s face this Christmas? Why not make a Mason Jar cocktail kit? Simply add a miniature bottle of their favourite mixer and a miniature of a spirit they love, then finish off with a colourful ribbon and straw. Simple!

3) Compile a pamper box!

Why not give your best friend the gift of a pamper box this Christmas? They’re easy, cheap and fun to make, what more could you want? Simply start with a box at a size of your preference and add in their favourite beauty products and then brighten this gift up with some colourful wrapping paper and pretty ribbon. They’ll love it!

4) Create Snowman donuts!

Fancy giving the kids some homemade sweet treats in their stocking this year? We’re sure they’ll adore this yummy gift! Start with four small donuts and place them on top of each other like a miniature tower. Next, wrap lightly in Cellophane and to finish of this sweet gift add some red ribbon around the neck of the tower and with a black and orange felt-tip add some buttons, eyes and a nose, also don’t forget to cut out a black snowman’s hat, we don’t want him to be too cold!

5) Make Coco Cones for the kids!

Making something that all the family will love this Christmas is the ideal solution! All you need is the following; piping bags, hot cholate powder, a bag of cholate chips, marshmallow’s and ribbon of your choice! You can buy cheap clear piping bags as this is a must for your cocoa drink. Start by pouring in your chocolate powder mix into the bottom of the bag, then pour your chocolate chips into the bag on top of the chocolate mix, add in your white mini marshmallows and then twist the empty space at the top of the bag so it pulls it all in. Finally, add the ribbon you have chosen around the top to make your cute homemade gift look complete.

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