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Mums and their little one’s review the Disney Collection

Mums and their little one’s review the Disney Collection

They say you can’t really know what the fuss is about unless you experience it yourself. And as mum’s, we always love to hear real opinions from real mum’s in order to honestly know whether a product is worth investing in.

That’s why we sent out waves 1 and 2 of the Posh Paws Disney Collection soft toys to our expert mum bloggers to see what they thought about these cute, fashionable and collectable softies.

Keep Up With the Jones Family 

The plushies are super soft and silky, with clear, coloured glassy eyes.  Each one has special sparkly accents in some way and is just completely adorable.  I’m trying to hold myself back from seeing who else we can build our squad with because I’m sure my purse will fall open and I’ll end up with ten more.  They are seriously that cute.

Blue Bear Wood

They’re compact in size (approx 6″) makes them easy to display, play with and take out and about (bag perfect as I like to say!) plus their low price means they make perfect little presents. A ‘must ‘have’ for all Disney fans. Let us know what squad your building and share them on instagram using #buildyoursquad. We’d love to see who you’ve got on your squad!

Mimi Rose and Me

These adorable plush toys are super soft and even have a sparkly look about them. I also like the fact that they have glassy eyes, personally I think it makes them even more adorable. Both my daughter and I cannot wait to add to our collection, I know that a few princesses will be added to the list that's for sure, especially a Rapunzel one. But it would be hard not too, come one they are seriously cute!

Has your little one started to #BuildYourSquad yet? You can do so by visiting Tesco’s where waves 1 and 2 of the Disney Collection is available now! 

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