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Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – New Turbo Blast Racers reviews

Mums Love the PJ Masks toys! – New Turbo Blast Racers reviews

The PJ Masks toy collection from Just Play has been a hit success with little heroes all around the country already. We wanted to see what mums and their kids thought of the new additions to the 2018 range!

Here are some of the great pictures, quotes and links to reviews for the NEW Turbo Blast Racers which we sent to our top 10 bloggers.

Keep up with the Jones Family 

"We love that the figures are dressed in different costumes – now we don’t just have duplicates of the figures we’ve had before, and they’re special. we also love that these are quiet toys!  No sirens, no random phrases chirping out in the middle of the night to creep me out when the batteries are running low or they’ve jammed against another toy!"

Cheek Geek Diary

"The Turbo Blast Racers are figures are lots of fun and both children spend so much time pushing them from across the room, crashing them into one another and making them do flips. It's great to watch Noah creating little role play scenario's whilst Ava watches intently and tries to copy what he's doing. I love watching them play together."

What Katy Said

"They are such fun toys, a must-have for any PJ Masks fan! There will also be another addition to the collection in April with Romeo’s Lab – the perfect baddie for the PJ Masks to defeat!"

Don’t forget, if your child loves all things PJ Masks, the full toy collection including these super new items are available in all major toy stores.

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