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Must have Christmas gifts for children aged 5+!

Must have Christmas gifts for children aged 5+!

Who would have thought it? It’s nearly Christmas! With just over one month to go until the festivities we thought we’d put together a selection of Christmas gifts for little ones aged 5+, with a little help from the mums here at

1. Magical Unicorn Friend (RRP £9.99) 

Create a magical unicorn head with beautiful long hair and magical powers. Once your child has built the unicorn they can use the activity sheet to design a delicate Unicorn crown and name pendant, bringing a tough of sparkle to your little ones room!

2. Mini Dinosaur Garden (RRP £7.50) 

A clever pop-up miniature garden with real cress seeds to grow! Sew and grow the mini garden, then let your children play with the characters and explore using their imagination!

3. Amazing Build-a-Bots (RRP £5.99) 

Robot fans will love this construction kit! Create your own Build-a-Bot with the easy to use cardboard. Once completed you can upgrade, or pose him in different positions.

4. Shopkins Skyanna Jet Playset (RRP £49.99) 

The fabulously fashionable Jet Playset comes with an exclusive Skyanna Shoppies doll, 3 Shopkins characters, and a whole host of travel themed accessories!

5. The Power Rangers Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress (RRP £119.99) 

This is the biggest Megazord playset of all time, making it a must-have for Power Rangers fans! There are 3 modes, over 20 battle features and several accessories too.

6. Tamagotchi (£9.99) 

If you haven’t already heard, the iconic 90s toy is back and nostalgic millennials can relive their childhood with an all new tech pet!

7. Laser X (RRP £49.99) 

Laser X is the ultimate high tech game of tag that creates a real laser arena at home and can be played inside or out, day or night! As players are blasted their receiver vest will gradually change colour, hit your opponent ten times and they’re out!

8. SoundMoovz (RRP 49.99) 

SoundMoovz are wearable motion-activated musical bandz that send a Bluetooth signal to the SoundMoovz App on your smart device. By simply moving your wrist and/or ankles; create beats, rhythms and music or layer your beat onto a song. Connect to a wireless speaker for louder music. All you need to do is move to create some amazing beats, the only limit is your imagination!

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