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New Year Party Nibbles

New Year Party Nibbles

No New Year's Eve party is complete without a selection of party nibbles! Here’s a selection of homemade options that won’t break the bank.

1) Mini Salad Platter 

We think that this small mini salad party platter is the one to have at every party! This salad contains a whole heap of healthy ingredients… except from the mozzarella ball, but never the less it’s still healthy...sort of! To create this mini salad simply buy a whole lettuce and place in the middle of a plate, then add tomatoes, olives and mozzerella onto skewers, then stick into the whole lettuce until it's covered. And then ta da, you have a mini salad platter on a stick! 

2) Spicy Bacon Halloumi bites from Kitchen Mason 

Why not kick your party of with some spice? These halloumi bites are something that not everyone would like but most people love!  They are made of potato, bacon, halloumi and chilli flakes and then slotted on to a stick. The ingredients are simple and easy to grab from your local shop and we know it’s something that’ll go down a treat! 

3) Mini Fajitas

Fancy something cooler? Why not try these mini mild fajitas? This is the perfect way to make people compliment you’re cooking skills and it’ll soon make your partner realise that you do have a talent… It’s a cheap, enjoyable and mouth-watering nibble to make. What more could your guests want? To make, simply buy mini wraps, chicken, salad leaves, tomatoes, cool yoghurt and some BBQ seasoning and bung all of the ingredients into a pan, accept from the salad leafs, tomatoes and cool yoghurt. Once all ingredients have been cooked, add into the mini wraps and then top it off with lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cool yoghurt. And, there you have it, a mild mini fajita! 

4) BBQ Meatballs on Bread Sticks

Now this is something that everyone will adore! They won’t be able to stop picking. These lush meatballs are eye catching and the kids will also love them! If you don’t feel like making the meatballs from scratch, then why not invest in some good quality meatballs and cover in your favourite sauce. To top it off, buy either non-seeded or seeded bread sticks and stick them into the top of the meatballs so they look like lollypops!

5) Strawberry, Brownie and Marshmallow Skewers from One Little Project at a Time 

These fruit skewers are a great if you fancy a sweet healthy….ish alternative! Everyone has a sweet tooth, especially the kids! This is a cheap way to give your guests a small dessert without buying lots and cakes and sweets. All you need is 4-5 boxes of strawberries (depending on how big your party is) and three bars of Cadburys chocolate and brownies. Place the skewers into the strawberries and marshmallows and droop the melted chocolate over them and then leave in the fridge, and there you have it a strawberry and marshmallow fruit skewers!

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