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Our favourite Christmas family games

Our favourite Christmas family games

Christmas is all about family and spending precious time with your kids.  So, if the weather’s not up to going for a nice brisk healthy walk, why not try out some of our favourite family games which are great fun and make the perfect Christmas presents as well?

1. Boom Blast Stix - £14.99 – from Character Options

Players take it in turns to stack as many of the interlocking springs as possible. The higher the stack the bigger the challenge – who will be the one to make them fly and create a Boom Blast Stix explosion?

2. Penguin Pile-Up - £14.99 – from Ravensburger

A great fun game for all the family as they try to place their penguins on to the wobbly iceberg!  The first player to put all of their penguins onto the iceberg will be the winner. Steady hands and careful planning are needed to balance all your penguins on the slippery iceberg. If you succeed before the other players, you win the game! But if the penguins fall, you must start all over again.

3. Funny Bunny - £19.99 – from Ravensburger

Can you get your bunnies to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill? Be careful! The path is full of surprises along the way! Suddenly a hole could open up and one of your bunnies could take a tumble. Or a mischievous mole may push a bunny off the hill. As well as a moving drawbridge and a swinging gate, you need to avoid the obstacles and reach the delicious carrot! Which little bunny will be the winner?

4. Laser X - £49.99 – from Character Options

This is the ultimate high tech game of tag!  The pack contains 2 Laser X blasters and 2 receiver vests and the game can be played inside or out, day or night.  Works up to 60 metres away with pinpoint accuracy and, if friends have got sets too, then they can join in the fun as gameplay allows for unlimited players.  As you are blasted, your receiver vest will gradually change colour and, once you’ve been hit ten times, you’re out!  A good way of encouraging the children to relinquish their iPads and phones and get some exercise.

5. Five Nights at Freddys Jumpscare Game - £24.99 – from Character Options

A suspense-filled, thrill-seeking game bringing the world's most popular jumpscare mobile game to life in 3D form! Players take it in turns to spin the spinner wheel to determine how many and what colour pizza tokens they must steal from Freddy's tray while he snoozes. Whenever a player wakes and disturbs Freddy, he jumps up and screams at the player, eliminating them from the game. Play continues until there's only one player left in the game!  Steal his pizza if you dare but beware the jumpscare!

Do you have a favourite family game which you bring out each Christmas, or do you get a new one each year?  Let us know your favourite games over on Facebook and Twitter.

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