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Outdoor toys for dogs!

Outdoor toys for dogs!

We are a nation of animal lovers and are always up for spoiling and treating our pets! With the sunshine on its way now is the perfect time to make the most of outdoors with your loveable pooch.

Chuckit! Hyrdofreeze 
Ideal for a fun game of fetch, Chuckit! have released a Hydro range. Shaped like a ball, both the Hydrofreeze and Hyrdrosqueeze toys within the range are designed to hold and release water as you throw them to keep your loyal companion cool on a hot summer’s day!

Tug of war
Whose dog doesn’t love a good old game of tug of war? Have endless amounts of fun as you watch your pooch pull and sink their teeth into this bright coloured Nerf Vortex Chain. You’ll need plenty of space to play this game as you can imagine, the last thing that you want is your dog knocking over your favourite vase!

KONG Classic
The KONG Classic is strong and has an unpredictable bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew and play. This toy is an ideal way to beat boredom and it can be thrown making for a great game of fetch! You can make the KONG Classic even more tempting to your pet by filling it with treats such as peanut butter. It’s a mentally stimulating toy that provides enrichment by helping to satisfy your dog’s instinctual needs!

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