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Potty Training Essentials

Potty Training Essentials

It’s not the most glamorous aspect of parenting but it has to be done! Luckily, there are loads of brilliant products available to help your little one feel more confident. Here are our essentials for potty training your little one!

For daytime

2-3 potties – make sure there’s a few around the house
Splash mats – really useful for protecting the carpet!
Toilet training loo seat – a handy ‘halfway house’ between potty and toilet – The Munchkin Grip Potty Seat is our top pick! 
Toilet step – make it easier for your toddler to use the ‘big toilet’
Pull-up nappy pants – like proper underwear, with protection from accidents
Toddler toilet wipes and hand wash – quick and easy cleaning
Travel potty and liners – essential for car journeys and holidays – We love the Hippychick disposable potties for on the go ease!

For bedtime

Night-time pull-up nappy pants – night-time accidents are inevitable
Fitted mattress protector – a simple way to protect the mattress
Night light – ideal if your toddler wakes up in the night – Have you seen the Lumi Bedbug?! 

And remember that accidents will happen! You’ll get there in the end and a start chart is a great way to motivate your child to learn as fast as they can!

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