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Should your family get a cat, or a dog?

Should your family get a cat, or a dog?

We’re a nation of pet lovers, and rightly so! Cats and dogs offer unconditional love, affection and friendship to all members of the family but choosing between getting a feline friend or a canine companion can be hard. Here are our top tips for making the decision a little easier.

Tell-tale signs that dogs are for you and your family

-Are you and your family ‘outdoorsy’? If so then a dog might be the right choice for you. Dogs need a lot of stimulation and fresh air so are best suited to families who have a garden or live in rural areas with easy access to parks and open spaces.

-Do you work long hours? Dogs are not naturally solitary animals and shouldn’t be left along for long periods of time. If the grown up members in your household are generally out all day then perhaps you won’t be able to give the dog the attention it deserves and needs.

-If the above are factors you have already considered then it’s time to consider a good breed for you and your family. Some breeds are more child friendly while others are perfect for a family that like the travel with their pets. 

Tell-tale signs that cats are for you and your family

-Do you want a lower maintenance pet? Cats are relatively quiet and are happy to be left alone to sleep and entertain themselves for most of the day. They don’t need walking and while social interaction and regular grooming is still important cats and generally more solitary than dogs 

-Do you have limited indoor space and little or no access to outdoor space? If you and your family live in a smaller flat or home then getting a cat could be the best option for you. Cats can be content as long as they are fed an appropriate diet, have access to a litterbox, toys and a scratching post.

Still can’t choose? Flip a coin! You’ll love whatever pet you pick and it will love you back just as much!

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